This page demonstrates an excellent use case for augmented reality: enabling the users to place a canvas print with their uploaded image in the size they specify on the wall of their own home in AR. Thus they can visualize the results with a few clicks and make sure they are choosing the right format for their home decor.

  1. Make sure you are viewing this page from the latest Chrome browser on your Android device or latest Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Upload an image
  3. Select the frame size
    • Optional: edit the area you want to be on the canvas print
  4. Click crop

Please upload and crop an image to proceed.
(Did you click on the crop button?)

  1. Select the AR button, and scan a wall with your device’s camera to place the virtual canvas print on it

Click on the AR button ^here^ !
No AR button? See troubleshooting

What should I do in AR?

Once AR mode opened, you will see the virtual canvas print and your camera feed on the background. Slowly move around a bit your device, enabling your camera to scan for a wall surface. When a wall surface found your virtual canvas print will be placed on that. You can move it around by swiping with your finger on the screen.

If your device does not find the wall, make sure there are some reference points on it: wall detection uses the camera image, so if it only sees a white wall, it will have hard time detecting the orientation of it. Place some sticky notes where you want to place to canvas print to help it.

Wow! Who needs tape measure anymore?!

While the AR experience is created in 1:1, its precision depends on your device’s momentary performance. Whenever it is a tight fit, always double check carefully with tape measure!

What AR button?

If you do not see AR button in the lower right corner, make sure you are using the latest Chrome browser on your Android device. In case you are using it, it is probable that your device does not support AR. See the list of the supported devices here.

I tapped the AR button, but Google Play Store is opened. Why?

In case you are redirected to install Google Play Services for AR it means that your device is supported, but the AR services needs to be installed. You will need it to view any AR experiences.

I tapped the AR button on my iPhone, but nothing happens. Why?

In case you are using iOS Chrome, it is a known bug of the browser. Please try again in Safari!
Also make sure you are using the latest version of the Safari browser.

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Are you impressed? If you are offering canvas prints from your customers photos, they would be as well! Many of them already have AR enabled device in their pocket. Improve your conversion levels by showing them their canvas print in AR right in the ordering process. Contact us and make it happen!