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Features offered in the core solution


With AR-ON Platform you get a fully functional AR interface both on Android and iOS: we have already developed it for you.

Your AR asset can have the basic interactions with it:

  • place, rotate, scale
  • simple touch interactions: open its door, play an animation, turn on lights, etc.
  • screen recording and share it from the gallery
  • responsivce graphic user interface

You do not need to worry about the visual quality either: we are passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is possible on a mobile device, so we keep AR-ON Platform visuals on high-end levels all the time, while flexibly optimizing for lower performance devices as well.

The only thing needs to be done is optimizing and integrating your 3D asset into our system.

This way we can offer a bargain price for a proof of concept level application: you can get it from €1000.

The results will be adequate to test the target audience reactions and see how AR can boost your business. See it in action in the video below!

So what are you waiting for? Turn AR-ON! Contact us for a quote!

Don’t have a 3D asset? Don’t worry, we can create it for you.

Moreover, as we are continuously maintaining and developing the AR-ON Platform, you get maintenance and upgrades as well.

Is that not enough? Keep on reading and find the best solution for your needs.

Features offered in the core solution
Features offered in the base solution


Utilize AR-ON Platform’s ready to use features and add a new layer of the unique features your distinctive idea. Get an app rapid prototype really quickly with decent functionality to validate your product and showcase the power of AR.

You get access to all the functions from our core offer, and if your requirements do not affect the kernel architecture of AR-ON Platform it will be built on top of it. This means your app will receive the latest AR-ON Platform updates as well.

The resulting app will have enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development way faster and more cost efficient than building it from scratch.

High-end visual fidelity optimized for mobile is a default.

We can also help you with creating 3D assets or optimize your existing ones, we will integrate it into our system, and we will translate your idea into code.

Depending on the complexity of your request, we offer such solutions from €4500.
Sounds like a deal? Get a quote now!

Do you need more than just an MVP? Scroll down to see what else you can get out of AR-ON Platform.

Features offered in the custom solution


AR-ON Platform is a great foundation for a fully customized, market ready AR app as well.

Its flexible architecture enables it to be tailored for a wide range of scenarios: this application can be a product catalog to fit the selected one in the environment, show interactive user guides or even fully interactive AR product configurator.

The basic interface can be tailored for your needs and we will also develop your custom features:

  • place, rotate and scale can work by the AR-ON defaults or according to your requirements
  • AR interactions can be utilized for unique features and/or logic
  • several custom features like sign in, catalog, cart, etc. can be introduced
  • analytics system, API integration are also an option
  • the graphic interface can be tweaked to compliment your features, custom graphical elements can be added. Complete re-skin and branding are also available (white label application)
  • and as always, the best of the given mobile device performance will be utilized for smooth user experience and high-end visuals

Your 3D assets will be optimized (or created if needed) and integrated into the application.

We can also take care of the maintenance and keeping your app up to date.

The application delivered will place you on the map of innovative businesses utilizing AR for commercial purposes.

Harnessing the power of AR-ON Platform you get the highest visual fidelity and unique features for the price of a very simple AR app, starting from €6000. Interested in investing into AR with minimal risk? Do not decide without our qoute on your table!

If you need even more than that, we are just even more excited to hear about it!

Features offered in the custom solution
Features offered in the extended solution


In case your needs are pointing further away than what can be realized in the context of a mobile application, we are thrilled to learn more about it!

We will bring AR-ON Platform’s power into your service or turn it inside out for your purposes.

Unleash the true power of AR by connecting it with IoT devices, cloud solutions, AI, you name it! Don’t lose focus on creating the key value, we can help with creating, optimizing and integrating your 3D elements with our high-end visual augmented reality solutions optimized for mobile devices and embed it into your system.

Conquer the AR domain with maximum visual performance!

If your idea is beyond our imagination, this fact will not stop us from realizing it! Let’s get in touch!

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